lynette_yogoAn Applied Psychologist, a published Author, a Counselor and a former Banker.
She has a passion for psychology and finding solutions to life’s problems.  As part of a solution, she has written and published a book “Sparkling Memory (The Secret to Improving Your Brain Power)” to help solve the challenges that arises when students are  unable to commit to memory what they have learnt and help sharpen their memories using indigenous methods.  The book also addresses emotional intelligence.   Currently, she is writing her second and third book on Marriage issues focusing on the meaning of marriage and solutions to marital problems.  This book hopes to impact assertive training for the African woman.  The third book focuses on giving the younger generation VOICE (Values; Opportunities and occupation; Integrity and intelligence; Calling and Skills; Emotional Intelligence)

Lynette is also a life trainer and a mentor, teaching the youths and women issues of life based on psychological training.  She is a counselor and over the years has been able to do individual therapies and group therapies.  She uses mixed therapies with an emphasis on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Her current passion is promoting talents as a source of income.  She learnt making of jewelries’ and carpet making and is passing on the knowledge to several youths and women especially the house wives.  She is also a volunteer representative of Share a Meal (SAME) Foundation, where she works in slums providing food, eradicating jiggers and giving mental health and skills training.  She helps in fund sourcing, arranging trips and itinerary of donors in Kisumu and Nyanza region.

Lynette is also having a current campaign dubbed ‘We Can No Longer Be Silent’ against defilement children.  This campaign is done through “Optimum Life Choices” a community based organization; which was formed by psychologists of like minds to intervene on psychosocial issues.  This campaign emphasizes on preventing defilement through sensitization.  The campaign touches on how perpetrators profile victims, their behavior as they entice, abuse and control the victims.    We talk about how to prevent these processes and stop the circle.  What to do in case it happens.  Most of my social work is documented on my face book page Lynette Odidi Yogo.

Lynette Odidi Yogo obtained her BA Applied Psychology, Graduate Diploma in Applied psychology, Diploma in Counseling. Before then she had a Higher Diploma in Banking from then proceeded to work for several banks. Currently she is the Chairperson of Optimum Life Choices, Community Based Organization and the Chief Trainer.

Lynette is a member of The Psychological Society of Kenya (PSK); JUMP international and also International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development (ISSBD).