Psychological Environmental Factors Causing Stress among Nurses at Kisumu county hospital.  

Background: Nationally, there has been an outcry at nurses mistreating patients and giving ineffective services citing stress as a key factor. Therefore, there has been need to examine work-related stress among nurses.

The Objective of the study was to investigate causes of stress in the work environment of nurses and how this affects service delivery.

The design was a survey where data was collected using respondent administered questionnaire.

The setting was at Kisumu county Hospital

Methodology was administering the questionnaire to nurses in the Key departments including surgery, medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, Pharmacy, obstetrics, gynecology and physiotherapy.  Data was coded and analyzed using SPSS version 18. Results were presented as percentages, frequencies, graphs and pie-charts.

The results revealed that un-conducive work environment causes stress and in turn poor service delivery. Main factors contributing to the stress were; lack of equipment and infrastructure 68.9%; weight of duties and understaffing both at 64.4%; long standing hours 57.8%; Injuries from sharp objects 51.1%.

Conclusion: un-conducive work environment due to poor infrastructure and lack of equipment is a major cause of stress among nurses impacting negatively on service delivery.

Recommendations The study findings should enhance nursing practice and inform improvement of infrastructure in the hospital. There is need for further longitudinal studies in this field and peer counseling, soft skill education and stress management.

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