“Hi Lyne!

When do you know that you can’t move that mountain?

When do you determine, you are not in denial?”

For a few seconds I was blank, just waking up and wondering why would someone call me at this time?  But there was something in her voice it was almost desperation, a plea, I couldn’t ignore, so I encouraged her to explain the mountain in her life.  She talked for around thirty minutes (30 mins) uninterrupted and when she was through she took a deep breath it felt like that indicated it’s “off my chest”.

We now started talking and looking at this mountain.  You know sometimes the mountains we want to move in our lives are the problem.  We have occupied our thoughts with what our loved ones are doing that hurts us and we pray and believe they will change so we can be happy.  Changing another person’s character or behavior is a mountain that you cannot move but it calls upon them to move it.  The best we can do when we are dealing with another person is to gain knowledge and pass the knowledge to this person and pray they will use this knowledge to move their mountain.  Sometimes we must practice tough love.


You can move that mountain.

If you just believe,

You can move that mountain,

Down into the sea.

You can move that mountain

if you just believe,

You can move that mountain,

Try it and you see”,

(goes the song).

We have different life’s mountains and there are a million ways to move them, go around them, climb them or scale them.  Same of us are faced with alcoholism, financial difficulty, terminal illness, broken relationships, emotional baggage’s, personality disorders and many other problems.  So when you pray, when you want to believe with your whole heart, how do you go about it? How do you move this mountain?

When I look back into my life, there are mountains I prayed, I thought, I believed, but I could never move them.  Experience taught me that, yes!  I can move the mountain, I can dig into it, I can go round it or I can climb it.  The mountain that I find easiest to move and I know I can move, is the mountain of changing myself.

I do this using what I term as 3M’s.

What are these three mountains:

  1. Managing my thoughts and using critical thinking and positivity
  2. Managing my lifestyle, how I live, what I eat, how I carry out myself, how I love others and how I love myself too.
  3. Managing my behavior, what I do, how I do it, why I do it. Building a character that works for me is a big part of it is being assertive and taking action while avoiding being reactive.

The greatest of these, is managing your thoughts. Your thoughts affect your behavior and lifestyle.

Experience has also taught me that sometimes it’s not in our best interest to move the mountain.  There are times we may need to let the mountain be.  There are some mountains that God doesn’t want you to move the mountain, the greatest gift God gives sometimes is not to answer that prayer or telling you to wait.   We also need to watch sometimes in life we make anthills become mountains, so the first question should be “is this really a mountain?”

In praying I tell God;

“Lord this mountain is too high for me, I may not move it but give me the grace and wisdom to go around it, build a bridge over it, dig a tunnel through it, or just give me the grace to walk away from it.  But above it all give me the grace to take action.”

As we completed our session, we both took a deep breath, we both knew we had to take some action on the current mountains in our lives.

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