What We Do


Currently we are working on

  1. Emotional Intelligence Training and Counseling

Emotional Skills

  • Identifying, labeling feelings, expressing feelings
  • Assessing the intensity of feeling, managing feelings
  • Delaying gratification and controlling impulses
  • Reducing stress by knowing the difference between feelings and actions

Cognitive Skills

  • Self-talk “inner dialogue” and reading and interpreting social cues
  • Using steps for problem-solving and decision and understanding the perspective of others.
  • Understanding behavioral norms and having a positive attitude towards life
  • Self Awareness.

Behavioral Skills

  • Mastering and recognizing verbal and nonverbal communication

Conflict Resolutions & Team Building

  • Conflict between managements and other staffs, lower cadger staffs and middle level staffs.
  • Conflicts between companies and stake holders
  1. Stress Management
  • Realizing when you are stressed, identifying stressors, identifying your stress response
  • Discovering the stress busting techniques, prevention of stress.
  • Overcoming negative thinking, mental Filtering and developing will power
  • Trauma counseling.
  1. Multiple coordinated services
  • Defilement:

Currently we are working with County Government, office of Kisumu County, Hospitals, Judiciary, Police, Churches, and communities to curb the issue of defilement which is now a national disaster.  In our course of work we found out that defilement is rampant and we are now on the campaign to stop defilement.  Our campaign is dubbed “we can no longer be silent.”

  • Coordinated community response (CCR) programs engage the entire community in efforts to develop a common understanding of violence and to change social norms and attitudes that contribute to violence.
  1. Discipline

These are ongoing projects in various schools like in Kisumu Girls, Huma Girls, World Vision sponsored schools in Kisii, Okore Ogonda Primary School, Obede Primary School among others.

  1. Talent and Skill Building
  • Give Youth/Women Reasons to Dream
  • Provide Guidance and Support
  • Connect Education with Life’s Purpose
  • Inspire Bigger Aspirations and Promote Self-discovery


  1. Psychological Effect of Defilement in Nyahera Bar A and Bar B
  2. Psychological Factors that Causes Stress in Nursing
  3. Influence of Guidance and Counseling (G&C) on Girl Child Sexual Abuse
  4. Childhood delinquency in Kisumu County.